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Our Mission Statement

Prime Pet Care, Inc. will afford every client the opportunity to leave their pet companion in their familiar environment. This is an invaluable service for travelers, vacationers, home bound individuals with scheduling challenges. Pet sitting is an excellent alternative to kennel boarding that is more convenient for pet owners and more comfortable for their pets. Mail retrieval, plants watered and ensuring the home has a lived-in appearance is the goal of Prime Pet Care. Inc.



The unique benefits that Prime Pet Care, Inc. offers its clients is the close contact the sitter has with the pet owner. All clients will have available to them the courteous and dependable care that their pets deserve while the owner is away from the residence.


Knowledge and experience in caring and mindful of the safety and well being of the pet in their care.

Has a vet to call in emergencies.

Positive attitude-comfortable-competent in dealing with animals.

Provides service contract that states services and fees.

Courteous, interested, well informed.

Takes precautions to make sure the client's absence is not noticed thru fault of the sitter.

Conducts business with honesty and integrity.

Observes all laws regarding business and animals.

References, insured and bonded.

Exhibits courtesy and professionalism in all dealings.

Keeps regular office hours and answers clients inquiries and complaints promptly.


1-What does a pet sittier do?

Pet sitters help pets adjust to their owner's absence and ease their anxiety by making daily visits to your home. In addition to giving meals, walking, playtime, cleaning litter boxes or cages, pet sitters can give your pet his medicine and perform other pet care duties.

2-What are the advantages for my pet?

- Reduced stress-your pet stays in his familiar environment.

- Diet & Exercise-your pet stays on his customary diet and keeps their exercise routine the same.

- No "travel trauma" -traveling in a car to a boarding kennel

may upset your pet.

- Health Concerns-with a pet sitter, there is no(or very little)

exposure to sick animals.

3 -What are the advantages for the owner?

- Travel-you won't be inconvenienced or upset by transporting

your pet.

- No Imposition-you don't have to ask a friend, neighbor or

relative to care for your pet and then wonder if they

remembered. A professional pet sitter will put your

pet's need first.

- Security-your home is more secure by the crime deterrent

services provided by pet sitters.

- Special Services-pet sitters provide additional services while caring for your pet, such as watering plants and bringing in the mail and newspapers. We open and close drapes and turn on and off lights.


A visit for your dog consists of a twenty minute walk on his leash. Or if he is lucky enough to have his own back yard, we play Frisbee or throw the ball. Hopefully he will bring it back and we can keep on playing. Then it might be time for his meal and always fresh water. Everyone loves to be petted and scratched and brushed. If the owner is on vacation, we will open and close drapess and change the light pattern every night. We will bring in your mail and make sure newspapers don't pile up at the end of the driveway. We also make sure the house is comfortable for your pet, not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. In general, pet sitters give the residence the appearance of someone being home, even if it's just our car sitting in the driveway.

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